Address: #74 Jarnailly Colony,
Opp. Neera Nursing Home,
Karnal Haryana

Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday - Morning 9.30am to 1:30pm,
Evening 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm.
Sunday - Morning 9.30am to 1:30pm,
Evening closed

  Contact : 8901304656

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Skin, Hair Nail and Other Services


B S D Hospital offers the full-spectrum of dermatologic services including medical dermatology, surgical dermatology, diagnostic dermatology and pharmacy.

Medical Dermatology

Dr Gaurav Bhaskar, a certified postgraduate dermatologist, gives consultation on all kinds of Skin, Hair Nail and Venereological disorders.


Surgical Dermatology                                           

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels including glycolic peels, salicylic peels, TCA peels; for blemishes, wrinkles, and rejuvenation.

Electro surgery

Electrofulguration and electrodessication are done for DPN’s, freckles, plain warts and skin tags;

bloodless surgery for excision of skin cancers and benign growths.


Freezing of warts on hands and feet are done with liquid nitrogen;

cryosurgery for keloids, seborrhoeic keratosis and molluscum contagiosum.

Acne surgery

Expression of open comedones;

electrofulguration of closed comedones;

intralesional injections for acne cysts and keloids;

Fraxel (fractional laser) for acne scars.

Vitiligo Surgery

Melanocyte transplantation: This is the most advanced surgical method to treat stable vitiligo / leucoderma. The treatment involves transferring the patient’s own melanocytes from an area of healthy skin to the vitiligo lesion which has no melanocytes.

Laser Surgery


Laser hair reduction (LHR)

With Diode Laser and intense pulse light (IPL). Procedure is carried out only by experienced dermatologists & not by technicians or nurses

Fractional Co2 laser

Fractional Co2 laser for acne scars on face and torso; for burn scars anywhere; for unsightly injury and surgery scars; for stretch-marks; for facial pigmentations/ melasma; for macular amyloidosis; and for rejuvenation and skin tightening.

Pigment laser

Q-switched Nd-YAG laser is done for Nevus of Ota, pigmented birthmarks such as café-au-lait macules and lentigines; for moles and Lichen planus pigmentosus; for tattoos removal, fine hair removal, skin rejuvenation & toning.

Diagnostic Dermatology

S. D. Hospital provides complete laboratory facilities including biochemical, microbiological and pathological tests for dermatological disorders. Skins biopsies can be done for the accurate diagnosis of dermatological disorders.

Pharmacy: We have an in-house pharmacy that stocks all prescribed medications and premium skin and hair care products from India and abroad.

Aesthetic and Anti-aging Treatments

  1. Chemical peels
  2. Botox
  3. Fillers
  4. Fractional resurfacing
  5. Skin rejuvenation and tightening
  6. Permanent hair reduction
  7. Tattoo removal
  8. Mesotherapy



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Procedures Done at BSD Hospital


  • Diode Laser 808nm for Hair reduction.
  • Fractional Co2 Laser for Acne, Surgical and Traumatic Scar reduction, Stretch marks Reduction, Moles removal, Wart removal, Anti ageing, Skin tag removal, Pyogenic granuloma and Chicken pox scars
  • IPL for skin rejuvenation, Fine hair Reduction and Inflammatory Acne
  • Q-switched NDYAG Laser for tattoo removal and nevus of OTA reduction and Freckles and Lentigenes
  • Radio Frequency Ablation for Moles removal, Skin Tag Removal, Wart removal
  • Dermarollers for Post Acne Scars
  • TCA Touch for Xanthelasma
  • Milia Extraction
  • Molluscum Extraction
  • Mesotherapy with stem cells and PRP for Hair Loss
  • Sebaceous Cyst Excision with Cosmetic Closure
  • Nail Splinting for Ingrown Toe Nail
  • Steato Cystoma Multiplex Excision using CO2 Laser Technology
  • Punch Excision of Moles with Cosmetic Closure
  • Suction Blister Grafting for Stable Vitiligo
  • Paring and Enucleation of Corns on Feet

Chemical Peels

  1. Instant Glow- Party peel or peptide peel
  2. Skin Rejuvenation-GR peel, Lactic peel
  3. Acne- SM peel, SG peel, Glycolic Peel
  4. Pigmentation- Glycolic peel, Yellow Peel, Nano peel, Pyrulac Peel
  5. Anti Ageing- Yellow Peel, Nano peel
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B.S.D. Hospital

B S D Hospital, karnal is a super specialty skin centre that offers world-class diagnostic, therapeutic and management services for common and rare skin diseases and skin ageing conditions.

The hospital has a team of a highly qualified dermatologist and a plastic surgeon, for the treatment of all kinds of skin, hair and nail disorders and venereological disorders under one roof.

The hospital comprises of consulting chambers, separate treatment rooms, and private rooms for indoor treatment, a full-fledged lab and an in-house pharmacy with a total covered area of 2500sq.ft in a specially designed independent building.The hospital also provides emergency consultations and treatment facility for skin diseases.


 To enhance the self esteem of patients by treating their medical disorders and providing best cosmetic care.To provide rational and best management for all kinds of Skin, Hair, Nail and Venereological Disorders at reasonable cost.


To make B S D Hospital as one of India’s pre-eminent skincare centre through world-class diagnostic and therapeutic services.

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