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About Baba Sai Das Ji

About Baba Sai Das Ji

During the end of ‘ Dwapar Yug ‘ in Kashi lived a brahmin named ‘Sadaswarup’.

He was very hard working man. He had a son named ‘Narottam Das’. Since childhood, Narottam Das was very bright and religious, he loved God and repeated the God’s name. He also respected and praised religious books. When he was merely 12 yrs old , he wished to leave all luxuries aside and focus completely on God. He asked for permission from his father but as he was the only child of Sadaswarup, his proposal was rejected. But Narottam had already decided to leave the house and meditate. So the next day he left the house. During the journey he found a perfect place to meditate near the holy Ganges.

After years of strong meditation, he achieved what he wanted. Lord Vishnu appeared in front of him. Tears went rolling down through his eyes. He was filled with joy and happiness.

The Lord granted him a wish, then Narottam said….

हे परमात्मा ! आप एक ओमकार हैं l यह सारी दुनिया आपका खेल मात्र हैं l निर्गुण रूप धारण करके भी आप सभी जगह विद्यमान हैं, लेकिन इसके साथ ही आप निष्काम हैं l भगवन आपके मात्र पलक झपकने से ही इस सारी सृष्टि की उत्पति हूई हैं l आप सभी को सुख देने वाले हैं l आप तेनो गुणों से परे हैं l असुरों का दहन कर आप अपने भक्तो की रक्षा करने वाले हैं l आप कमला-पति हैं l क्षीर-सागर आपका निवास स्थान हैं l आपके गुणों का वर्णन शिव, भ्रमह, शेषनाग और वाणी नहीं कर सकते l मै तुच्छ प्राणी किन शब्दों में आपका वर्णन करूँ ?

when Lord Vishnu heard this he smiled and then took narottam to ‘HariDham’. narottam lived in haridham for many years. Then one day he thought of fulfilling wish given by lord to him and so he took birth again on earth.

Sadaswarup also granted a wish that Narottam would be born as his son again and so narottam took birth as Sadaswarup’s son. This time Sadaswarup’s name was’Malrai’. In year 1525 narottam took birth at malrai’s place. Astrologers said that he will have Lord Vishnu as a son and so he was named ‘Saindas’. Reincarnation of Sadaswarup was Malrai and Narottam was Saindas. Child Saindas served and cared for his mother and father , took cows for grazing and serve them too.when cows used to graze he used to meditate. He married to a very polite religious and good nature girl named ‘Sushila’ who took care of malrai and her mother in law with great love and affection. Saindas lived a peaceful life by chanting God’s name , taking cows for grazing, and ultimately by serving his mother-father. Saindas become the first Guru of gosain family and did a lot for humanity and had 5 sons. Ramanand (incarnation of lord vishnu ) was his fifth son.